FEDERAL: H. R. 5113 - “Realizing Efforts for Military Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Act” or the “REMEDI Act”

On August 27, 2021, Representative Crow (D-CO) introduced House of Representative (HR) bill 5113 to promote, among other things, “cohesion.”. 

Among other things, HR 5113 requires the Secretary of Defense to ensure that each military department conducts training programs regarding “human relations, diversity, equity, and inclusion for all covered individuals under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of a military department.”

Such training shall include and address the following areas:

  1. Racism.
  2. Equal opportunity.
  3. Discrimination on the basis of sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity).
  4. Discrimination on the basis of age.
  5. Discrimination on the basis of religion.
  6. Stereotypes.
  7. Conscious and unconscious bias.
  8. Discrimination based on disability, both physical and mental.
  9. Failure to provide a reasonable accommodation.
  10. Hate group activity.
  11. Retaliation.
  12. Harassment and hostile environment.
  13. Hazing and bullying.

The training shall be provided during the following times:

  1. Initial entry training.
  2. Annual refresher training.
  3. Professional military education.
  4. Peer education.
  5. Specialized leadership training.
  6. Any other time the Secretary of Defense determines appropriate.

Who will be trained:

  1. Members serving on active duty.
  2. Members of the reserve components.
  3. Federal employees.
  4. Non-appropriated fund employees.
  5. Host nation support.
  6. Contractors and subcontractors.

It is quite clear that if we don’t accept critical race theory on our own volition, it will be forced upon all of us, including upon our vaunted military! 

I hope this is of value!

Demetria Carter