Confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch

President Donald J. Trump has nominated 10th Circuit Court Judge Neil Gorsuch to become the next Supreme Court Justice. Although Judge Gorsuch is incredibly qualified, democrats are already poised for a fight. From their professionally printed "grassroots" protest signs used mere seconds after the announcement to the over-the-top accusations being made by Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer, it is apparent they will not give this excellent candidate a fair hearing.

Sound off today. Let our US Senators know that you support Judge Neil Gorsuch to become the next Supreme Court Justice.

For background information about Judge Gorsuch, click here.

For a biography of Judge Neil Gorsuch, click here.


Memo to: Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Richard Burr, Senator Thom Tillis

I support the right of President Donald Trump to have his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, confirmed by the US Senate with a minimum of push back by unreasonable opponents.

Judge Gorsuch is very qualified for this position. Moreover, candidate Donald Trump promised just such a Supreme Court nominee, and voters in the states responded by handing him an overwhelming victory on November 8.

Stand strong against the nonsensical, pre-planned democrat delays, protests and other partisan tactics and following your constitutional duty to advise and consent, be certain that the people of the United States are rewarded with a strong originalist jurist, Judge Neil Gorsuch to become the next justice on our US Supreme Court.


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