Federal Legislation - HR1 "For the People Act of 2021"

"House of Representatives (H.R.) bill #1 and titled “For the Peoples Act,” has been described as a bill to ensure the Democrats stay in control and, therefore, stay in power.  It has also been described variously as "an abomination," "an assault on the First Amendment," and as a complete Federal takeover of the election process within each State.  It is more than 800 pages in length and is divided into three parts: 

(A) Voting, which addresses, among other things: (i) mail-in voting for every voter, to include individuals under eighteen (18) years of age, (ii) restoring the voting rights of former convicted felons,  (iii) allowing registration to vote on the day of voting, (iv) prohibiting identification or any other attestation (i.e., signature) as a requirement to vote by absentee ballot, and (v) requiring congressional redistricting to be conducted through either a plan of an independent state commission or by a 3-judge panel;

(B) Campaign Finance, which addresses, among other things:  (i) the reigning in of super PACS, (ii) 501(c) non-profit organizations reporting the names and addresses of those making donations to the organization, (iii) the establishment of a fund, “My Voice Voucher Fund,” that voters will use ($25) to vote for candidates, and (iv) limitations on the amount any candidate and family member can contribute to the candidate’s campaign; and

(C) Ethics, which among other things, requires the President and Vice President to disclose their tax returns for the previous ten-year period, and subject the tax returns to being released to the public.

Please read the attached for a better understanding of the proposed legislation's requirements."

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