Welcome to 2017!

The GGRWC has an exciting year ahead with our new President and his message for America. I truly believe that we will make America great again by focusing on the right and moral issues.


My task is to lead us to even greater participation in the political arena so that we may make a positive impact in our community and beyond. The end product of this participation is to

 elect more qualified conservative candidates. The past Presidents of GGRWC have laid the groundwork for us to improve our communications and involvement with Republican women in our area. We must tell our friends and invite them to participate as well. There is strength in numbers, and in Greensboro we are outnumbered. We must not let them silence our voices. 


We will use social media to our advantage and present strong programs to attract a wider base.  Tina Forsberg has utilized her talents to give us a state of the art website which can perform many functions we were using separately. We now have  ability to connect more effectively with our members as well as promoting our message and brand. 


We will need to keep an eye on the NC Legislature and courts for their decisions on redistricting and HB2. We have a majority on the Council of State for the first time in 100 yrs. It is critical to follow and support their decisions on how North Carolina is run. Governor Cooper has a very differ vision for our state which will put us back in debt and dependent on Federal funds. 


I look forward to seeing you all at our general meetings on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

It is a great time to be a Republican!