NORTH CAROLINA HOUSE BILL (HB) 558 - Prohibit Mandatory CV19 Vaccinations

The bill we’ve been waiting for is finally here in NC!!! The secret is out of the bag! Rep. Larry Pittman and Rep. Keith Kidwell filed a bill to prohibit mandatory vaccination in NC, both by government edict, and also by private employers as a condition of employment! Please contact your legislators and tell them to support this bill! We need everyone on board.

On April 13, 2021, Representative Pittman introduced North Carolina House Bill (HB) 558 to make it unlawful to –

“…mandate vaccinations against particular illnesses, including Covid-19, to require proof of vaccination or proof of immunity against Covid-19 or other illnesses, to discriminate in public accommodations, employment, or otherwise on the basis of vaccination status, proof of vaccination, or proof of immunity against Covid-19 and other illnesses, to mandate forced participation in vaccination tracking systems, and to require a patient to waive privacy rights in order to obtain a vaccination.”


  1. Section 1.1.b of the Bill amends existing law to expressly limit the powers of the Governor by prohibiting the Governor from requiring or mandating a vaccination by use of an executive order, and to require that any person who refuses to be vaccinated will not suffer civil or criminal liability.
  2. Section 1.3 of the Bill prohibits any public health authority in the State from issuing any order requiring any individual to submit to a Covid-19 vaccination or series of vaccination, if such vaccination is medically contraindicated or is against the individual’s religious or philosophical beliefs or that of the parent, guardian or person in loco parentis. 
  3. Section 2.1 of the Bill prohibits vaccine mandates by schools or child care facilities, if the person, parent, guardian, or loco parentis for a minor refuse to be vaccinated or have their minor vaccinated.   A vaccination for any purpose cannot be required prior to attendance at any college, university, public or private school (Pre-K through 12), or child care facility.
  4. Section 3.1 of the Bill requires written informed consent from each adult, parent or guardian of each minor before participation in a system of the vaccination record or status of vaccination.  The records may not be shared without the knowledge and approval of the record or status of vaccination.
  5. Sections 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 address no vaccine mandates for health care workers in hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities, and patients.
  6. Section 5.1 protects against employment discrimination for a person’s refusal to be vaccinated.
  7. Section 6.1 prohibits public accommodations from discriminating against persons who refuse to or cannot prove vaccinations. 
  8. Section 7.1 prohibits vaccine mandates by group health benefit plans or insurance plans.
  9. Section 8.3 prohibits tying a driving license or the issuance of state identification cards to a person having been vaccinated.  

Cosponsors include:  Kidwell, Cleveland, Hangig, McNeely, Moffitt, Pless, Setzer, Strickland, and Warren.

I hope this is of value!

Demetria Carter