November Meeting 2017



From tracking the relationships of the leftists of NC to keeping honest tallies of voter registrations and vote tallies, Susan Myrick of Civitas Institute, NC, empowers the voter and activist on the right. Don't miss this fascinating presentation of the FREE tools available to you to enable you to become more effective as we head into a very important 2018.

NOTE: At the Guilford County 150th Anniversary luncheon yesterday, Lt. Governor Dan Forest made the case for how very important 2018 is to us. It is the STATE legislators' 2018 election results that will set the stage for the legislative agenda for 2020. The US Census will be counted in 2020 and the results will be used in 2022 to draw the new legislative maps. HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars are being spent by the left to win in 2018, as a result.

It truly is imperative that we each become as empowered as possible as we head into 2018, so don't miss Susan Myrick's presentation this month!

Kari donovan