Two days ago, the United States of America held its 244th birthday party. There was no party on the day of its birth. A bunch of white male supremacists went home or to a pub, or some other lodging, physically exhausted and quietly in fear for their lives, having signed their death warrant — a document that conclusively branded them traitors. Their futures were clear. Win a war or visit the hangman. Their prospects were just a tic above hopeless. G. Washington was in NY, entrenched for battle on the Brooklyn Heights. By accepted military standards, his “army” was poorly trained, poorly equipped and lacking discipline. In stark contrast, Brit General Howe had 32,000 crack troops. They fronted GW and the East River loomed at his rear. Howe’s admiral brother meanwhile commanded the largest expeditionary force Britain had ever dispatched — 10,000 sailors on 30 warships, with 1200 guns and as many as 500 supporting vessels. But for three happenings, the battle of Brooklyn should have relegated the United States to nothing more than a skirmish footnote in world history. Happening No. 1: Although his army battered the bewildered and beleaguered Americans, Howe didn’t want to lose Brit lives needlessly as he did at Bunker Hill. He decided to back off and wear down the enemy toward a less bloody conclusion. A foregone conclusion, you might say. Happening No. 2: Simultaneously, Washington conceived an audacious retreat in the dead of night — using small vessels to make repeated round trips across the East River, ferrying more than 9000 troops. Happening No.3: But that strategy would have failed had the weather not cooperated with favorable winds in the darkness, followed by a sudden, thick fog that shrouded the early daylight crossings. Thus, thousands of white supremacists on one side escaped certain annihilation by thousands of white supremacists on the other side. You don’t know if anyone celebrated America Sunday with knowledge of the Brooklyn Heights miracle. And you don’t know how many that did celebrate truly believe in America’s goodness — in Her essential virtues that radiate from the Founding principles of The Declaration and The Constitution. But one thing you do know — not all the WOKE, CRT, BLM, CANCEL CULTURE, REVISIONIST, FASCIST BULLSHIT in the world will change REALITY and TRUTH; ergo, a handful of white supremacist males were responsible for creating the United States of America. Thousands of primarily white supremacist males were responsible for defeating England and achieving independence. Hundreds of thousands of primarily white supremacist males defeated the United Kingdom a second time in the War of 1812. Hundreds of thousands of primarily white supremacist males fought and died in America’s Civil War to abolish Slavery and preserve the Union. Millions of primarily white supremacist males planned, financed, invented, designed and built America’s vaunted infrastructure, industry and educational institutions. Millions of primarily white supremacist males fought two world wars to defeat the despots of world tyranny. Millions of primarily white male supremacists built the freest most prosperous country on this earth, extending opportunity to all Americans. NO CANCEL CULTURE BS can cancel that fact. Ungrateful, ignorant millennials and zillennials, as well as militant feminists, are perfectly free to spew their hatred of white males. It was white males, after all, who gave them that right in the very beginning. Who else? No one else was around then to take up the challenge. Minority ethnicity didn’t seem interested in sailing west to create a new nation. Feminine voices were consumed by more important matters on the home front. Therefore, with time on their hands, a handful of evil white guys had the audacity to suggest that “all men are created equal” — a belief worth dying for. They happened to be the only ones interested in the concept of individual freedom. Most of their neighbors thought they were nuts. So did a few of the Founders. John Dickinson of Delaware was against separation and refused to sign his name. The arguments were fierce. At times, it seemed independence was a mission impossible. But, finally, the original Congress came together. They conceived and gave birth to a new nation. They fought an impossible war, and won. And, with all its faults, America thrived because white male supremacists placed in writing the covenant for individual liberty. So, America haters, have at it with all the hypocrisy you can muster as you live and profit from America’s blessings and benefits. Sit back with your devices, complain like losers, as do-nothings usually do; and relish Marxism as your salvation. This is your time. You own the Washington playing field. Take over. Take solace in having a USA central governing body that is mired in depravity, degeneracy and delinquency, light years removed from July 4, 1776.

Ed. Note:
Before anyone freaks out, minorities were represented in America’s wars — African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and many other ethnicities. America’s illustrious story is the story of all its people, regardless of race or gender. The attempt to falsely characterize this country’s history and foment racism is a Marxist ploy, steeped in group identity. Parents, take note and heed — your children are in Communist crosshairs — at school.

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